Shawn Tucker


shawn tucker photographyCurrently, working as a Senior Production Designer at Viacom. I am a 30 year veteran in the creative industry.

Born and raised in New York City, Shawn Tucker attended FIT school of art and design where he majored in photography and graphic design. After completing his education he continued to live and work in New York City, establishing a 15-year career as a graphic designer for several major design and marketing firms.

During this time, Shawn honed his skills as a photographer. His life-long exposure to the famous buildings and urban spirit of new york city provided his inspiration.


Focusing primarily on architecture as a subject he developed his own signature photographic style.

His use of rich black and white, saturated color, and enhanced contrast accentuating dimension and volume, showcase his variety of techniques.  Combined with beautiful cloudscapes, he captures the strength and essence of architectural skylines.

His photographs seem alive and capture movement in otherwise static architectural compositions. Shawn has traveled extensively around the world, creating memorable photographs along the way–some of which are being shared with you here.